Making Money with oDesk

Making money online as a freelancer is a great way to earn a living, and oDesk is one of the biggest locations where freelancers go to find work.

On oDesk, freelancers are able to create a profile in just minutes, take a few free tests to prove their abilities, and begin offering their services within the first hour.

Should you consider working as a freelancer on oDesk? Here are some things to consider before jumping online and filling out your profile information.

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1. What kind of work will you do?

There are many, many ways to make money on oDesk. No matter your skills there are opportunities for you. Here are some of the most popular areas of work to consider, going from menial to highly technical.

1. Data Entry – Jobs in this area will pay on the low end, but that’s fine because it means anyone can do them. If you’re just getting started on Odesk and have no skills, then this can be a good place to start! If you are an efficient worker you may competitively earn upwards of $7 per hour which can be a great salary depending on your location.
2. Writing and Translation – Have a knack for words? Speak more than one language? People want to hire you! Businesses need content created for their blogs and social media profiles. Many organizations need help translating documents between languages such as English, German, Spanish, and French. These jobs can pay $10-$15 per hour, which is a good wage even in North America.
3. Design and Multimedia – Have a creative edge? Graphic designers, architects, and CAD designers can earn top dollar on oDeskfor their skills. Illustration and logo design are also popular tasks. Once you build up a reputation for quality, you can expect to be paid between $15 and $30 for your time, energy, and skills on oDesk.
4. Web Development – Programmers can rake in the big bucks! These skills are so alien to most people that that businesses are happy to pay top dollar to outsource work in this area. Pay for developers on oDeskcan easily exceed $40 per hour! If you have the right skills, selling your development services online can be exceptionally profitable.

2. You will be your own boss.

This can be both a blessing and a curse. You won’t have someone breathing down your neck to have those reports done by Friday, that’s for sure. You will, however, need to push yourself in the same way a manager would. Especially when you are just starting out, you will need to keep focused while spending considerable time sending out work offers for no pay at all.

Can you push yourself to succeed? If you think you may need a boss to physically watch you in order to work efficiently, then perhaps a career on oDesk isn’t the right choice for you.

3. Location, location, location.

One of the best aspects of working on oDesk is that you can work from anywhere! All work is done via the Internet, and this leads to some wonderful possibilities.

You can work from North America if you like, but you could just as easily purchase a one-way ticket to Thailand and work from there!

Sweetening the deal further, consider the differences in currency as you travel the world. In Thailand you will be able to purchase delicious meals for as low as $1, and rent in Bangkok can be as low as $300 per month for a downtown studio apartment.

Internet connection problems are fast becoming a thing of the past. Hotel and apartment building owners are catching on and installing fast connections all over South East Asia and South America. Wifi cafes are everywhere and you can often work all day long without an issue.

So, is freelancing on oDesk for you?

If you want to live in the United States but don’t think you qualify for anything more than a data entry position, you should avoid taking this route. Consider, however, that if you decided to hit the road to South East Asia, this pay may be more than satisfactory.

Have some top dollar skills like graphic design or web development? Definitely check out oDesk to see what freelancers with similar skills are earning.

Will you be able to push yourself to work when you need to? Can you really take on responsibility and be your own boss? If so, then working while you travel (or even just avoiding the morning commute!) may be in your near future.

Want to spend more than your 3 weeks paid vacation in South America? How about 3 months, or 3 years! If you love to travel, oDesk is a great way to make money on the go. You may even be able to extend your vacation indefinitely!

If you’re looking to make money online, oDesk is a great place to start. Go for it!

You can also use oDesk to find yourself a great virtual assistant to help you grow your business.