Working Online – Choosing The Right Niche

A list of ways to make money online could literally go on forever. There are some great ways to make money online, but one that proves to be reliable time and time again are niche sites.

If you are unfamiliar with niche sites, here is the lowdown. Basically, a niche site is one where you pick a certain product/products to write about and sell via affiliate marketing. They can take time to build trust and value, but once they do, they can become a reliable source of income.

A big part of making money with a niche site is picking the right area. Do not just pick an area that makes a lot of money. There is more to it than that.

I would say to consider quality over quantity and to remember the basics of economics – people will purchase when the opportunity cost represents better value. For this, you need the right traffic. Follow the tips below towards building the right niche site.

1. Talk to other owners of Niche sites

Get an idea of what others do to make money. Speaking to other niche site owners is invaluable. Sam Webster writes about baby car seats to help readers find the best convertible car seats to buy.

Sam tells me that having children of her own and knowledge of other car seats definitely helps. She has hands on experience in buying and reviewing car seats, but knows there is more to it than this. She knows the process is not easy.

Sam also says that she surveyed parents and asked what they want to know about. Sam had several options to choose from but could see that this was the best one for her. Check out how The Stroller Site makes money here.

2. Pick an area you already have knowledge in

Knowing about the product you are trying to market is invaluable. It allows you to write individualized and quality information for your website and adds that personal touch.

You can see a website that is purely trying to make money from a mile away. Having knowledge on the product will give you an obvious advantage over your competitors.

It will also make the content easier to write and make the whole process more enjoyable. It can take a lot of effort to write and design an entire website and having the relevant knowledge just makes the process so much easier.

3. Contact relevant companies

Again, this will give you an advantage over the competitors. It will make your work more trust worthy and add a personal touch. When people research reviews, they are looking for personalized and unbiased reviews.

By contacting a company, you can have the product sent to you so that you can add your own photos and a reflection of your true thoughts. It can also be a great way to score freebies as many companies will let you keep the product you are reviewing!

4. Do your research

Is there a demand for the product or products that you are reviewing? Learn about your competitors. Research also means knowing what is selling, what is in demand, and what you could rank for.

If there are hundreds of websites dedicated to writing quality articles on a product it is going to be hard to compete with them.

5. Consider the cost of the products

People will be more willing to purchase something when the cost is lower. However choosing a product where the cost is too low can limit your earning potential. It is best to choose something that someone will be willing to buy at a reasonable price, but that you can also receive a fair percentage of.

This can be covered by considering it in your research above.


Planning is everything and success is just not possible without a plan. By following the steps above, you can give yourself the best chance of success.