Essential Home Office Supplies

Every home office is different. Some of us has carved out a decent work space out of that little nook from our living rooms or bedroom. Others though, boast a full office suite complete with soundproofing, a door with smart locks, and a huge fish tank. While there are some who have converted their once-dusty attic into a decent working office space.

But no matter how much or how little the accoutrements, accessories and other impressive gadgets a home office might have, it should not miss on having the essentials. With these essential items, they already make your home office a complete and efficient one. Everything else comes second.

As more and more people are telecommuting nowadays, it seems that there is an increasing trend of converting certain areas of their homes into a dedicated work space or office. Many are looking for home office setup and design ideas on the Internet. If you plan to work at home, you should not forget to include the following things to your own list of home office essentials:

1) Laptop computer
A laptop computer represents everything great about working at home: mobility and flexibility. Even if you already have a desktop computer, having a laptop gives you more flexibility. Nowadays, only a paucity of at-home workers or home business owners can manage their work without using a laptop or desktop computer. Do your research online and look for laptop computers – brands, sizes and other specifications such as storage and batter capacity – that will meet your specific needs.

2) Monitor
If you have a desktop computer, it’s obvious that you need a monitor. However, it can also be helpful (and a less pain on the neck) if you have a monitor plugged in to your laptop. You may have to consider the specific requirements of your day-to-day office duties, so if your job involves a lot of multitasking, you are likely to need a second monitor.

3) High-speed Wi-Fi or Internet access
This is truly a must-have. Business transactions nowadays consist of sending large files, long-distance communicating with your bosses and subordinates and live tele-conferencing. And all of these things require a high-speed Internet connection to get things done on time. So when you really need to be an efficient work-at-home employee, it’s time to say goodbye to your old dial-up connection: high-speed Wi-Fi is the truly the way to go.

Plus, with Wi-Fi, it allows you work everywhere in your turf: in the living room, at the back porch or at the front lawn when you want to work in a more different atmosphere.

4) Desk
For a traditional home office, a desk is a certainly a must-have to create a basic workstation. An ergonomic desk is the best, and you can find types of desks with adjustable heights so that you can stand up while still working after prolonged hours of sitting. Nowadays, there are “smart” desks that offer clever storage and even wireless mobile charging features.

5) Chair
Comfort is one of the top priorities in an office setting, so it’s important that you should invest on a good office chair. A comfortable and ergonomic office chair will enable you to become more efficient at work.

6) Label maker
You say you don’t need a label maker? Think again. One day when you need to label everything – folders, file cabinets, binders, even ballpoint pens and staplers – you will definitely purchase this nifty gadget. By labeling your things with using a label maker, everything in your office will become more organized and less cluttered.

7) Safe
Even though you may have already lots of storage, you will still need a safe. Why? It will protect your most important documents, files, paperwork and other data from theft, fire, floods, etc. Depending on how much you will store, you can find a safe that’s small and compact enough to fit in a cabinet, or a large enough safe that can be bolted to a wall or floor.

8) Telephone and/or VoIP
With Internet-based phone services and the use of mobile phones, you may not need the traditional landline. But if you’re working from home and majority of your job consists of taking calls, you may need this type of phone service access, and maybe even a fax line.

9) Wastebasket
This is oft-neglected item is actually one of the most important things to include to your home office. If you don’t want garbage to pile up on your desk but you are otherwise too busy to dispose of them at a trashcan outside your home for the moment, there’s the wastebasket or trash bin which you can be put right under or beside your desk.

Other office accessories
You may do without them at first because they are basically non-essential office items. But if a specific need arises — such as needing to block off outside noise that may disturb you in your work — you can check out this list of awesome, unique and cool office accessories that can bring more excitement, comfort or ease to your work space.