Balancing Life and a Home Business

Running a home business can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It gives you the opportunity to take control of your own life, to organize things in the way you want and to truly be your own boss. Although this flexibility is welcomed, it can also sometimes be troublesome.

Many people (including myself) can find it hard to separate life and business, as it is entirely their own project. When you work from home, you will quickly realize how essential it is to have this separation. Your home business can easily become ‘your life,’ whereas often the aim is to get your life back!

Below are some strategies that can help you in achieving a balance.

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Make daily plans

For me, a daily plan is essential. When I don’t make a plan, I find myself stumbling through the day and am nowhere near as productive as the days that I do have a plan.

It is a good idea to base your plans off a standard routine. Create a template of things you regularly do, such as checking emails, sending certain documents, making phone calls and dedicated breaks. Allowing this template to be flexible is key, and still will enable you to plan for everyday.

Having a plan will also help you to complete the day’s work, as well as give you a guide of what work is completed, allowing you to make a plan for next day and to follow through with any unfinished work.

Have a dedicated space where you work (and only work)

This is another essential.  A space where you work and identify only with work can help throw you into the mindset that you need to complete the task at hand. Opening your house to your home business can be daunting, and having reminders scattered around the house will only work to stress you further about the things you ‘should’ be doing.

There is also something rewarding about leaving the workspace, closing the door and forgetting about it. The luxury of this only comes from a dedicated space. Both a home office and an office rental space (where you choose the times you come and go) can do wonders.

Have an exercise regime

This could be one of the most underrated luxuries of working from home. I am a strong believer that to get energy, you need to use energy.

The luxury of working from home means those things are on your own time. Starting the day with a run no longer needs to begin at 6am. You can wait until 9am to run or even some simple cardio.

Mind block? Go for a run! Feeling claustrophobic? Go for a run! This can also help you unwind at the end of the day. One of the most rewarding things is to take care of yourself, and this can help you be more productive.

An energetic body and an active mind are always better than sitting and worrying about the work to be done.

Make time for the things you enjoy

As important as it is to make time for work, it’s also important to make time for the things you enjoy. This can range from a hobby, such as playing the guitar to spending time with your family. Making time for the things that you enjoy to do can ward off the imbalance that working from home can create.

The flexibility or working from home allows you to choose what you do and when you do them. The lack of restriction can be exactly what your family needs, because instead of putting work first, you can put them first. And after all, isn’t that what’s important?