Getting Out and About

There’s a lot to enjoy from working from home. There’s a degree of comfort and flexibility that can come from working in a place you’re naturally comfortable in. It’s not for everyone but there’s something satisfying from working in your pajamas or in bed as you much on some toast or make a coffee.

There’s the benefit of not being around other people and having no meetings (or hopefully less meetings) and no distractions. And being able to pick the hours that best suit you.

However, there’s one advantage that is often overlooked by many people, and that is the freedom to work where you want. Working from home does not mean being in your home all the time (unless you need to be). There are a lot of other options to consider.


Getting Out Around Other People

Some people miss the energy an office can provide, even if they don’t miss everything (and everyone else). If you could benefit from being around some people some more, try working from a coffee shop or a cafe. A local library could be a comfortable place to do some work as well. The benefit of these places is that they often provide wifi, as well as a place to try and get some work done.

If you feel less tied to chairs and tables then you could work in any public space with somewhere to sit down. Busy parks, plazas, town squares – there are a lot of creative options. You might think a lot of these places can be quite distracting with a lot of noise, but that need not be the case. That said, you won’t know if somewhere is for you until you try,

Being Outdoors

You might not need other people – just a change in scenery. Unlike a coffee house or library you are unlikely to get wifi and chairs, but some of my best work has happened outdoors on a picnic blanket in a park somewhere. Being outdoors, getting a good dose of natural light (and vitamin D) and and fresh air can recharge you and make you more productive. Parks  are a great place, and they don’t have to be big, just a nice natural space or somewhere with a nice view.

And this is before you even begin to think of the possibilities like being near a nice lake or even the beach. It’s a great way to get out and explore a little and make work seem a little less like work.


Sometimes the work you do does not need connectivity at all. You can go where you want. At other times you might need some sort of internet connection to be able to get the job done. We’ve talked about places with wifi and for the cost of a cup of coffee, or nothing at all these places could be the solution.

If they are not then it might be worth looking at a good data plan through your cell company. Using your cell phone in tethered mode allows you to go anywhere with cell coverage.