Investing In The Right Tools

If you’re working from home then productivity equals money. Simple as that. The more you do the more money you can earn. However to extract the most value out of your work time you need the right tools for the work you’re doing.

Your enterprise and you are worth investing in. Get the right tools to maximise your value and your time,


Getting Value for Money

That does not mean having the latest and greatest of everything. But it does mean you should make sure you have what you need to do the job as cost effectively as possible. A chef chopping vegetables with a dull knife or a boning knife is going to take much, much, longer than if they had the right type of knife with a sharp blade.

Things To Think About

While the right tools for you will be based on what type of work you do, there are some principles which are common to all types of industries and can be applied by anyone:

  • Look at what you spend the most time doing. For example, pick the five tasks take take up the most time. Is there anything tool or service that will allow you to speed up those tasks….or eliminate them all together?
  • Look for tools that will do what you need, and try not to be influence by features or aspects that are nice to have. If you know you’re not going to use some option/feature/upgrade now or soon (getting back to your plan) then ignore it. Don’t spend money on things you don’t need.
  • Determine how much time a tool will save you against the cost. If a tool saves you 4 hours of work a week at a cost of $3000 a month then the 17.5 hours per month you’ll save need to be worth at least $3000.
  • The most expensive option may not be the best. First look at all the things that are effective – that is will get the work done. From those options perform a cost benefit analysis t(as above) to find the best choice.
  • Don’t be put off by a learning curve. If the tool will save you time and effort once you’ve mastered it then it is worth investing the time to learn, even if means you’re spending more time initially.

Think Of People

Tools aren’t limited to physical things you can hold like a knife or a hammer. Think of things like software applications, especially online tools (software as a service) that can be used on most devices wherever there is connectivity.

A tool could be another person – can you outsource the work? Hiring a firm or virtual assistants can be an option you should consider as well, especially if the task is one that is labour intensive and repetitive without much creativity or skill required. This might mean you need to take the time to define and refine the task so it is easy to pass it off to someone else, but the returns should be worth it over time.